Electric Run 2017

This year, I made a goal to join any events that I am interested in going and Electric Run was one of the many events that I wanted to join. Now now, I may not be active in sports, but I can still run. Plus, I knew that I won't be running one hundred percent. I knew I will spend the entire track talking and laughing with my friends.


Anyway, Electric Run was held on Saturday, 29th July 2017 at Putrajaya Floria. It was an event sponsored by AM Bank, Shell Fuel, Rexona and other famous brands. It was a neon colored night run and there were so many artists there like Silento, Sonaone, and De Fam. For this event, I went with three of my friends from my workplace.

The event started around 05:00 pm if I am not mistaken but my friends and I arrived around 06:00 pm. We meet up at a parking lot and walked to the venue. As I told you before, this is my first major event since I graduated and it feels amazing to be there. There were a lot of people there; kids, teenagers, young adults like me and my friends and of course, parents. There were also adorable mascots and stalls that sell products related to the event.


Bella (the one who wore yellow shawl) and I bought two glow in the dark paints (pink and green) and ten glow in the dark sticks. Both us drew silly things on our faces and arms. Ironically, we have no clue on what to draw, so we just drew a spiral and cat's whiskers on both our cheeks. Sadly, another two of my friends were not that enthusiastic to draw on their faces. Oh well, it was their loss. 


After the drawing session, we went around the venue and snap a couple of selfies here and there. To tell you the truth, there were so many things happened there and writing everything down seems like a tiring job for me. Sorry, lads!  Fret not, I took a lot of shots with my Fujifilm X-A3, so I hope the pictures will give you a clear picture of what happened at the event.


The run started around 08:30 in the evening. Yes, it was late because they let us run by groups, so all of us had to wait for our turn. To me, it was kind of ridiculous but again, who am I to judge. Anyway, it was a 5km marathon. Thus, they have five stations along the track. There were techno, disco, rainbow and other awesome stations that I can't remember. But I assure you, each track has their own unique charm.


The concert has already started when we arrived at the finish line. All of us were pretty sad that we miss half of the concert. When we arrived, Sonaone has just finished his performance and Silento was next and the last artist for the live concert. As sad as we were, we joined the crowd and jumped and danced through the night with the help of Silento. Let me tell you, my feet hurt so bad but it was worth it. 


The event still didn't end yet when we decided to take a break and head somewhere else. We were so hungry as all of us didn't get to eat anything for the whole day. Now, as you can see, it was 12:30 in the morning and for Malaysian, it is a tradition to hang out at Mamak to eat. Thus, my friends and I went to Mamak and eat our hearts out. At 02:00 a.m in the morning, we went back home and dream of the event.


Oh, I almost forgot to share with you guys the photos of us looking dead tired holding our well-deserved medal. Well, here you go, lads. We all received a cool looking medal and a chocolate bar at the finish line.

Overall, I enjoy the event immensely. Sure, I was tired, hungry and a little bit cranky, but I survived nonetheless. Now that this event is over, I cannot wait for the future running festival that I will be joining in October with my friends.